The infrastructure facilities include well-furnished classrooms, seminar hall, syndicate rooms and administrative unit .The lasted teaching aids and equipments have been procured to impart training. This includes LCD projector, models, audiovisual equipments, overhead projectors and latest software etc. Care is taken to see that equipments are updated and properly serviced. Students are encourages to use them fully.

Research Farm

The college is having 100 hectares of its own land. During last year our institute has got recognition as research farm by Dr. B. S. K. K. Vidyapeeth, Dapoli. Most of the land is under experimental crops including Agronomic and Horticultural crops like rice, pulses, oilseed, mango, cashew, coconut, vegetable etc. Similarly in future cash crops like sugarcane, pineapple, banana etc. will be under considerations.

farm images

Brinjal Plot

Mango farm

Banana orchard

Azolla production

Coconut Pineapple orchard

Poly house

Dairy Farm

Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairy Science having his own land in which various types of breed Gir , Sahiwal , Khillar , Redsindhi etc. are reared . Recently we have registered for very small but high yielding cattle breed ‘Vechur΄ from Kerala university .This college has poultry, Goat breeding programme which is done scientifically.


This college has ten separate departments with well-equipped and modern laboratories. A separate department of Animal husbandry and Dairy science as well as meteorology has also been established, qualified lab assistant are provided in each lab.


The library is the most important place in any educational complex. Our college is providing a well furnished library with state of art facilities. The reference and reading hall of the library provides the latest edition of books, journals and magazines. The library also subscribes to several Indian and foreign periodicals to keep the students abreast with the lasted information technology and corporate developments. New acquisitions are regularly added. Also institute is publishing its own magazines and is available for the students. Library is open from 8.00am to 8.00 pm.
No. of Books : 5000
No of Reference Books : 2500
We believe that there can be no substitute to a good collection of books, since they are the only means of scaling new lights in any academic pursuit. The library serves as one of the pillars for this college in the process of teaching and learning.


Information Technology Center/MSCIT centre

In order to familiar with the latest information available at every corner of this country and the world, this college had started information technology center which gives access to internet and is free to all students. There is a facility of online teaching using projectors and laptops. The computer laboratory is also quite spacious and full of latest hardwares & softwares.

Computer Lab


This college has good accommodation facilities to every student and separate hostels are provided for boys and girls.

Intake capacity for boys hostel – 560

Intake capacity for girls hostel – 450

Girls hostel

Boys hostel


This college has co-operative mess and run by committee having one representative from students group. The mess offers a hygienic and good quality food.


Without health, education has not its own existence. Along with education students build up their health in advanced equipped gymkhana which is open in the morning and evening.


Class Room

College Laboratories